Athena Akrami's lab at Sainsbury Wellcome Centre

UCL, London


Athena Akrami (group leader)

Athena joined the faculty at Sainsbury Wellcome Centre, UCL, in November 2018. She obtained her BA in Biomedical Engineering from Tehran Polytechnic (Amirkabir University of Technology) and her PhD in Computational Neuroscience from International School for Advanced Studies (SISSA, Trieste), with Alessandro Treves.  She was a postdoctoral fellow at SISSA where she worked with Mathew Diamond, and then at Princeton University where she was a Howard Hughes Medical Institute fellow and worked with Carlos Brody on Parametric Working Memory.


Adedamola Onih (research assistant)

Dammy is interested in understanding how organisms perceive their sensory world and the neural code that underlies multimodal sensory integration, inference and decision making. He previously completed his Master’s in neuroscience at UCL, in the lab of Isaac Bianco, where he was involved in characterising the functional properties of a putative mid-brain circuit implicated in a model for trans-saccadic attention in teleost fish. Dammy is the first member of the LIM Lab, who joined in November 2018, as a Research Assistant!


Viktor Plattner (postdoctoral research associate)

Viktor graduated with a degree in biology in 2011 in Budapest. During his first year at university he joined László Acsády's Laboratory for Thalamus Research where he examined the driver terminal distribution in the higher order somatosensory thalamus of rodents. As a PhD student, he studied the in vivo electrophysiological properties and behaviour-related effects of an ascending glycinergic inhibitory pathway originating in the brainstem and targeting the intralaminar thalamic nuclei. Currently he is interested in the neural network representation of the environment and how previous experiences, personality and inner state alter perception. Besides his professional interest, he is also curious about human behaviour on the individual level and its changes in small and large groups. When he is outside of the lab, he enjoys going for a hike, B&W photography, bouldering and watching ballet. Viktor joined us as a Research Associate in January 2019!


Sharbatanu Chatterjee (research assistant)

Sharbat has obtained his bachelor's in computer science from IIT Kanpur, India and his master's in biology (neuroscience) from EPFL, Switzerland, working on computational neuroscience with Carl Petersen and Wulfram Gerstner. He is interested in neural bases of cognition, and also, language(s). Read more about Sharbat here. Sharbat joined as a Research Assistant in the lab from January, 2019!


Lillianne Teachen (research assistant)

Lillianne was born and raised in New Jersey, USA. Before making this transfer to Research Assistant in LIM Lab she worked for three and a half years for Howard Hughes Medical Institute at Princeton University in Carlos Brody's lab as an Animal Behavioral Technician. She has always had a natural affinity for animals and have sincerely enjoyed working with them for the past few years. Some other things she enjoys are hiking, weight lifting, reading, dancing, going to concerts, and travelling. She join us in January 2019, to take over the running and management of the high throughput training facility we’re building at SWC!


Elena Menichini (graduate student)

Elena graduated with a Master’s in Neuroscience from UCL, where she worked with Andrew MacAskill on the neural circuits involved in emotional behaviour. Currently, she is a Wellcome Trust Neuroscience PhD student at UCL. She is interested in the neural underpinnings of perceptual decision-making and in understanding how past experiences are stored and used to inform behaviour. Elena joined the lab in May 2019, to do her last PhD rotation.


Timothy Sit (graduate student)

Tim is interested in combining computational models with targeted experiments to better understand how the brain learns and makes decisions. He previously studied Natural Sciences at the University of Cambridge, where he worked with Susanna Mierau from the Neuronal Oscillations Group to study the development of correlated neural dynamics in cortical cell cultures and brain organoids. More recently, he worked on biophysical and normative models of decision making in mice. You can find his code here. Tim joined the lab in June 2019 as a PhD rotation student.


Emmett Thompson (graduate student)

Emmett's interests are in understanding how information is processed and choreographed by neural circuits to support complex flexible behaviours. Emmett graduated with a Masters in neuroscience from University College London where he worked with Michael Häusser, in Neural Computation Lab, investigating population coding in sensory cortex. Since September 2018, Emmett has been a PhD student at the Sainsbury Wellcome centre and joined the LIM lab in June 2019 as a rotation student.




Benjamin Scott

Benjamin Scott is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences at Boston University. Read more about Ben here.


Bingi Wen Brunton

Bing Brunton is a Washington Research Foundation Innovation Assistant Professor at University of Washington (UW). Read more about Bing here.