We’re recruiting subjects!

Auditory perception, memory & decision making

 We are looking for subjects, age between 18-60 years old, male or female, to participate in our psychophysics experiments.  It’s an auditory task!

The experiment takes 60-90 minutes per session. The task consists of multiple sessions (2 to 5) which can be done either in one day or extended over 2-3 days. Experiments will run at Sainsbury Wellcome Centre (25 Howland Street).

The standard payment for your time is £10/hour.  To help motivate you to attend to every trial, you will receive a £6 payment bonus if your overall performance across the entire experiment is greater than 80%.

Please email one of us if you would like to participate:

What is the project’s purpose?

This project aims at investigating how humans perceive, memorize and recall sensory stimuli. In addition, we wish to investigate the brain mechanisms for making decisions under uncertainty. Participants will be presented with innocuous visual or auditory stimuli delivered with computer monitors and speakers and will have to make a decision regarding specific features of the stimuli (for example, whether a sound is loud).  By analyzing the relationship between subjects’ judgments and the statistical structure of stimulus features, this project will uncover how stimuli are stored in memory and how the previous sensory experience affects perception at different time scales (seconds or minutes). Sorry, we cannot share more with you at this stage, since we’d like you to engage in the task with as little as possible of pre-knowledge and bias :-) we are more than happy to discuss the science with you, at the end of the experiment though!